Robert J. Wieland's inspirational "Dial Daily Bread" phone message is available by E-Mail to anyone who wishes to receive a daily portion of uplifting Good News.

   Dial Daily Bread is a ministry that offers a tiny tidbit of the Bread of Life, a snack on a toothpick like you get in the supermarket when they offer you a taste of some gourmet food they hope you'll like and buy off the shelves. It's an hors d'oeuvre intended to entice you to come to the seven-course dinner the Holy Spirit has already prepared for you. It's a taste for the tip of your tongue that is offered with a prayer that it may introduce you to the real "Lord's Supper" and make you feel welcome and hungry to gather about His board.

   If you are a normal human being, very likely you are spiritually starved, and consequently weak. You have an off-again, on-again prayer life. You hardly dare to claim the "blessedness" that says, "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness" (Mt 5:6) because you don't feel the "hunger and thirst." You don't really enjoy prayer or Bible studies; at best its broccoli or spinach, not desert. You find it hard getting up in time for a spiritual "breakfast." And that seven-course "dinner" frankly frightens you -- possibly boring.

   Dial Daily Bread is preoccupied with the idea that the meaning of the word "everlasting gospel" is GOOD News, not Bad News; that the Bread of Life is delicious, not nauseating; that the Lord's salvation is a joy, not a wearisome burden; that happy Heaven begins now today; that the Heavenly Father is your Friend, not a Kill-joy; that walking with Jesus is more pleasant than dancing with the world (I wanted to say "more fun" because that's actually what the word "pleasure" in the Bible means, but I know some sincere Christian people shy away from the word "fun." But the phrase "the pleasure of the Lord" [Isa 53:10] means that the Lord actually has fun saving people, and "at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore" means "fun for evermore," of course the kind you never get bored with). Whoever you are, unworthy as you may feel, sinful as you know yourself to be, the Holy Spirit has prepared a banquet for you and welcomes you. Take some time today to enjoy it; Dial Daily Bread is only a taste to whet your appetite.

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