Jesus was a Youth and Knows Your Problems Exactly
The Shortest Sermon in the Bible
By Robert J. Wieland

   Ever get bored listening to long dry sermons? Let me tell you about the shortest sermon in the Bible—it’s only one sentence. It was preached by someone who has a right to the pulpit at least once in her lifetime—the Virgin Mary. She preaches to the frustrated servants who don’t know what to do about an emergency: “Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it”! (John 2:5). Then, a period. She’s talking about her Son, Jesus.
   You can’t get bored with such a short sermon, but you can get frustrated by it. It seems He’s always telling me to do something that I feel I just can’t do. Those poor servants: He told them, “Fill the water pots with water”—easy enough; then, “take them to the master of the feast”—easy enough. But they must tell the boss, “Sir, here’s your wine you asked for,” when they know very well it’s only water. Now that’s hard! Doing or saying what your heart says isn’t so—is anything harder?
   Let’s find the Good News here:
   • It’s your heavenly Father that is telling you to do this or that.
   • A true Father never drives or “provokes” you to frustration (remember Paul’s counsel to fathers, “provoke not your children …”?).
   • He is telling you what to do; now take the time to ask Him how to do it; He’ll respond.
   • Note that Mary did not say, “whatsoever your friends tell you to do, do it,” or “what your teachers, counselors, or your parents even, tell you.” They may be right and they may be wrong, but no one understands you like your Heavenly Father. (Psalm 27:10 will help you there.)
   • Jesus was a youth, knows your problem exactly, was tempted precisely like you are “in all things,” understands your selfish fear, still likes you (loves you). Believe it.
   • Listen to Him at the age of 12. He tells His doubting, frustrated parents: “Don’t you know I must be about My Father’s business?” In other words, “Whatsoever He saith unto Me, I must do it!” He anticipated His own mother’s sermon!
   • You feel helpless? At least you can look! Watch Him, listen to Him in Gethsemane, on His cross. Identify with Him there. Your dead, lifeless heart will experience a resurrection “with Him.”

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